June 15, 2020

Audio Note Vindicator Silver

A few days ago the stereo amplifier Audio Note Vindicator Silver arrived. It will replace my Sun Audio Uchida 2A3H special edition amp for a few weeks in my rack. The Vindicator will liaise with my M2 Phono via the AN-S Interconnect Pure Silver cable.
I assume it will be a perfect match but just a temporarily one as I got the Vindicator from distributor Audio Note Germany for testing purpose (thanks to Stefan Wörmer!). The test will be published most likely late summer on hifistatement.net.
As the depth of the Vindicator chassis is approximately 50 centimeters it is almost on the edge of my hifi rack..    
Originally the amp comes along with Sovtek 2A3.
But of course I will also let it run with various NOS alternatives such as RCA Cunningham 2A3 single plates...
...or Ken-Rad types.
Side view: If I was the chassis designer of that amp I would have chosen a more comfortable relationship between width and depth!
The rectifier tube 5R4GY is hidden between the covers of the power transformer and the output transformers.
Slim appearance from the front view.
As I still know the standard Vindicator, I can imagine the direction of the (sound) journey. This "Silver" version is the one in the middle, the top version is the "Silver Signature". Looking forward to the first listening sessions.

Stay tuned!

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